Stuart LeeksWSL - Linux on Windows? Don't be BASHful!
Matt DavidsonBuilding and consuming nuget prerelease packages as part of your development workflow
James WorldElm
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Dan ClarkeA Crash Course in Vi
Paul HardingBuilding Xamarin Apps on Azure
Tom LaneValues Converters in EF Core


Corriculo Recruitment

MS Open-Sourced
WPF, Windows Forms, and WinUI

Fiddler Everywhere

GoodBye HockeyApp

Will be fully migrated to App Center on 16th Nov 2019

Azure Blockchain Development Kit

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8th January

NGINX for .NET Developers

Ian Cooper (@icooper)

Café Rouge - 22nd January

12th February

.NET Internals

Chris Bacon (@chrisdunelm)

12th March

Functional C#

Simon Painter (@madSimonJ)



Bob Martin (@unclebobmartin)


Lightning Talks!

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